Episode 1

Summer’s Not Dead

We’re back for Season 2 and seeing red. Tomato red, to be specific.

Labor Day may be over, but that’s no excuse to stop eating tomatoes, wearing white, and drinking chilled wines! The girls recap who and what they did in the hiatus and serve up hot takes on summer squash and a potentially brilliant idea: Drunkzpacho, anyone? 

Episode 5

David Tanis on Dining In

We’re joined by one of our food icons. Need we say more?

David Tanis -- cookbook author, NYTimes contributor, and culinary wizard -- sits down with the starstruck girls to talk about staying relaxed in the kitchen, eating seasonally, and why you should taste your food before adding salt. 

Ellen Knuti
Episode 9

On A Dime

Throw a party without breaking the bank!

How to feed 8 people for under 30 buckeroos? We all know the classics: beans, pasta, stews... Want to get a little fancier without shelling out tons of cash? Ari and Sophie talk through their favorite menus to feed a big group on the cheap. 

Ellen Knuti